Addiction Counselling

Seeking help when drinking or any other addictive behaviour gets out of control is a difficult step. Even more so when you are living in a foreign country. In Horgen ZH we now offer group meetings held in English. There are separate groups of no more than eight people, both for persons affected as well as for family and friends.
The group meetings provide an opportunity to get qualified information about any aspect of addiction and to talk about things that you may not want to share outside a confidential setting. No one needs to disclose anything she or he is not ready to. Of course, group members are free to see us individually when the group meetings have ended. Group meetings are free of charge for persons living in the Bezirk Horgen and a small fee (CHF 90 per meeting or less) will be required of those coming from other areas.

Our philosophy

Matthias Weber and Karin Schiegg are in charge of the addiction counselling service of the Bezirk Horgen (Suchtberatungsstelle Sozialens Netz Bezirk Horgen). Our approach is to empower people to control their addiction by stopping the harmful behaviour entirely or by reducing it to a tolerable minimum. Friends and families are taught how to support the addicted person and are encouraged to pursue their own needs. We see our service as a partnership with our clients where each party contributes to achieve the goals we have mutually set.
Further we can help deal with insurance, health care issues, authorities or employers. Our service is based on scientific knowledge and is not influenced by any religious or other spiritual direction. The frequency of individual meetings is set by our clients; some come weekly while others only a few times a year. Some just want information in one meeting; others prefer to see us for several years, even when the addictive behaviour no longer exists.  
For more information or to subscribe to the group please contact Karin Schiegg